Feeling stressed? Come and sit in the grass with the cows

“What’s so special about that?” asked Zoe. “Nothing, and that’s why I thought we should put it on the blog.”

Apart from the twice-daily walk to and from the dairy, this is how our cows spend their time.

You won’t see footage like this anywhere else, I suspect, and certainly not on 4 Corners. There’s nothing sensational about it except perhaps that, right before your eyes, these cows are transforming grass into one of nature’s wonder foods (while wondering what the hell I’m doing sitting on their breakfast).

7 thoughts on “Feeling stressed? Come and sit in the grass with the cows

  1. Hahah I use to do this. Was very relaxing, even if I only got 1 minute with the bike off in total silence besides the cows munching away. Great time of year 🙂


      • I get very itchy so I didn’t get down in it too often, enough of it flying through my tractor window and itching for the rest of the day as it was hahah but the serenity is awesome never the less to be in that moment at the right time 🙂


  2. Lovely video, I am struck by how healthy and clean your girls are. I wish all herds had so many acres of lush grass to graze. You clearly do a wonderful job with your cows.


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