Straight-talking UDV president Adam Jenkins on milk price cuts

In the confusion that’s followed the cuts to milk prices, I asked the president of the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria, Adam Jenkins, how the UDV was responding.

Adam had some very clear messages for milk processors, politicians and bankers. A big thank-you to Catherine Jenkins for filming Adam’s answers to my questions in their calf shed on a very windy day.

This video is the first in a short series addressing the milk price crisis.



5 thoughts on “Straight-talking UDV president Adam Jenkins on milk price cuts

  1. A good innovation Marian. Great to have a short clip hosted on your blog to allow us to hear the message straight from the source.

  2. The commentry around processors, corporates and city need to be moderated, because it pigion holes everyone.
    Mg and fonterra are the businesses that have done the wrong thing and what has happened to them and their leaders nothing.
    There is one way to fix this tomorrow get on major to move the price and the other will follow , it can be done but it needs an appropriate negotiation and consumer support, however with such a fractured industry it makes it near impossible with the self interest. I am aware that is this circumstance self interest is a normal behaviour but has it ever help previously?
    You must unite

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